CityNet Law is aware that clients require security in two most important areas:

  • professional indemnity in case things go wrong
  • the security and confidentiality offered by secure IT Systems

Quality assurance and PI Cover

CityNet Law operates with top rated security for its professional security cover sourced through its brokers.

Of course, prevention is the best form of cure and we are proud to say that in the life of the firm (and in over 25 years practice by the principal) there has never been a claim made against the practice.

As a sign of confidence in the service, the principal operates with and offers a service guarantee: if you reasonably believe that the service delivered does not with reasonable cause meet your expectations in line with the Engagement Terms, you are invited to pay what you feel is right for the service delivered.

Confidential Information and Systems Security

Solicitors are under a professional and legal obligation to keep the affairs of clients confidential. We keep confidential all information regarding a client’s business and affairs unless you instruct us to disclose it or we are compelled to disclose it by law.

As regards file and system security, CityNet Law operates with online hosted backup software backing up to a secure hosting centre where a minimum of 8 editions of 1 file are held. The hosted Backup software comes with a minimum 99.9% guaranteed up time. There is an automatic scheduled twice daily backup of all files that can retain a file with server retention for up to 7 years.

There is therefore minimal risk that client information will be lost or corrupted from system breakdown or interruption.